The purpose of the Lutheran Business Association (LBA) is to promote financial and professional development among LCMS congregations, organizations, and members.  People tend to be more comfortable supporting companies and individuals they know, like, and trust.  The LBA serves as a modern platform to connect those with shared values in a professional capacity.  One-third (1/3) of our revenue is designated to support Lutheran organizations.  Through our advanced directory, networking opportunities, and faith-first beliefs, the LBA is a tremendous way to grow, connect, and serve through Christ!

Membership Features

What's Included in your LBA Membership?


What is an Exclusive Business Group?

Exclusive Business Groups (EBG) are included in your Lutheran Business Association membership.  EBGs are designed to create external sales teams through its participating members.  There are no professional conflicts within each group either.  For example, there will be one realtor, one landscaping company, one insurance agent, etc.  Meetings will occur approximately twice per month at times and locations beneficial to the members of the group.

The Lutheran Business Association adds another level to our Exclusive Business Groups.  Our EBGs are divided into clubs.  We have beer clubs, coffee clubs, and referral clubs.  We feel this creates a better relationship for the group participants.  Each LBA member can join each type of club.  They are limited to one group per category.

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